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Hello! My name is Beatriz, founder of Elemental with over 16 years experience.

If you own or work for a company that needs to import or export its products from one end of the world to the other, pay attention to what I am about to tell you.

At the age of 18, I started studying marketing at a private university in La Paz, Bolivia, but as I didn’t have enough money to pay for my studies, I had to start working in a company.

But you know what happened? After two years, the company left the country and I was left with no job and high university fees. I didn’t know how I was going to fulfil my dream of getting a degree.

It was a terrible time, it’s true, I was very desperate, but there’s always hope. And that is what happened. As I always say, miracles happen to us, and that was when a professor offered me a job in an international trade and logistics company.

What can I tell you? I fell in love with this fabulous profession. I discovered my true vocation and immediately switched to a career in foreign trade. I then moved to Panama where I continued to work and in 2014 I started my own company.

It wasn’t easy because I had to do it on my own and I was lucky enough to get pregnant. It was fascinating because that year my beloved son Juan Manuel and my FIRST company were born.

As I was very young, I had to face a lot of problems because many potential clients did not trust my experience, but what they did not know was that I had been working in logistics for a long time.

And since 2019, I have decided to be even bolder by creating a new company that would not only offer logistics services, but rather connectivity, and thus a DIAMOND was born, which I called ELEMENTAL.

Elemental is like a diamond, can you imagine that? A diamond inspires, gives creativity, imagination and innovation. And that’s how we work, creating the service that best suits your needs.

At ELEMENTAL, our clients know that they will receive a personalised service where they feel at home: protected and cared for. This means that I am not a manager who lets you off the hook, as many large companies do. On the contrary, I help you to find logistics solutions.

That’s our LOGO, a diamond that brings mental clarity when facing problems or making decisions, and isn’t that what we do at ELEMENTAL?

Like our services, a diamond is exclusive and that’s how we treat you. Our team has adapted to these post-pandemic times and we are constantly innovating with new technologies because logistics is something that changes very quickly.

I am here to help you grow your business with our consultancy services. Just as a diamond is something invincible, indestructible and represents strength, I have the strength that I have had all my life and I have passed it on to the ELEMENTAL team.

By staying ahead of the curve, we anticipate the problems you may face and offer you:

  • An omni-channel service, i.e. we solve the problems that can arise in the process of moving your cargo through different channels to achieve maximum efficiency.
  • The combination of technologies such as GPS to know the exact location of the vessel carrying your cargo.
  • Strategies tailored to your business through bespoke methods and monitoring, so you can rest assured that we will ensure your goods reach their destination.

As I told you, I had a difficult start both at university and at work. My despair at not being able to pay for my studies forged a character in me: I never give up because I know there is always a solution.

ELEMENTAL is constantly innovating. We see every obstacle as a challenge and a great opportunity to provide you with a unique service that will make you feel supported, satisfied and successful.

Should we celebrate your triumph together?

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As you can see, you can rest assured that everything you need to succeed when importing or exporting is provided by ELEMENTAL. We are your business partner, that confidant who listens to you, understands you and structures solutions according to your requirements.